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Cat Flap Fitter: To grant your cat the autonomy it craves for a contented existence, consider incorporating a cat flap into an exterior door or wall of your UK residence. Just like humans, cats can become restless and irritable when confined indoors. Providing them with effortless access to the outside world through a cat flap can contribute significantly to their mental and physical well-being. If this concept resonates with you, the question arises: What type of cat flap should you install?

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The simplest form of a cat flap is just that - a hole carved into an external door, covered with a flexible material to shield against the elements. While this might suffice for an outbuilding door or a garden fence panel, the majority of UK cat owners would likely prefer a more weather-resistant and secure solution for their main property entrance.

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While this basic model serves its purpose, it falls short of being ideal, as it provides an entry point for other cats or critters into your property. Nevertheless, you can make slight enhancements by adding magnetic strips to secure the flap in place.

Progressing beyond the magnetic strip, you'll find magnetically operated, infrared, or RF chip cat flaps. In these systems, a magnet, IR, or RF chip is embedded in your cat's collar. No animal can enter or exit your home unless it's equipped with this specialized collar. However, this remains a relatively straightforward cat flap type, as any other cat in the UK sporting a similar collar model might potentially gain entry to your residence. An advancement to this technology is an RF cat flap/collar system that provides a unique identifier programmable by the cat owner, offering an added layer of security.

Upgrading to a cat flap equipped with microchip recognition technology is the latest trend in feline entrance solutions across the UK. To utilise this innovative feature, you simply input your cat's individual microchip number into the cat flap's memory, which is battery-powered. This advanced system can accommodate multiple entries for households with multiple cats. The cat flap remains locked until it detects the presence of your cat nearby, granting access exclusively to microchipped pets for both entry and exit purposes.

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Locking capability is a crucial feature to consider when selecting any cat flap. Most cat flaps available in the market today offer a versatile four-way locking mechanism, enhancing security. This means you can fully lock the cat flap, allowing only exit from your home, permitting entrance into your house only, or setting it for two-way entry and exit. This flexibility grants you control over your cat flap's operation throughout day and night, catering to various scenarios. Some higher-end cat flap models even offer the possibility of specific functions based on the time of day, adapting to your cat's and your preferences.

If you have good DIY skills, installing a cat flap in a wooden door on your UK property should be manageable. However, you should avoid trying to install it in a double glazed window or a reinforced uPVC door by yourself. These more complex installations need the expertise of a professional. There are specialist cat flap installers and skilled handymen available who are equipped to handle such tasks and would be happy to assist you with the installation. Their expertise ensures that the job is done correctly and safely, particularly in cases where the installation requires more technical knowledge and precision.


Double Glazing Installations - Should you hire a "tradesman" who begins to drill a hole in a double glazing window or door panel for your new cat flap installation, it's advisable to dismiss them right away. It is not feasible to install new cat flaps into pre-existing double glazed doors or windows. Creating a hole in double glazing compromises not only the panel's strength and security but also its insulating properties. In effect, such an action renders the glazing unstable and is something that should never be attempted. This practice not only undermines the structural integrity of the double glazing but also negates its effectiveness, making it an ill-advised and unsafe approach for cat flap installation.

Securing a new double glazing pane tailored specifically for integrating a cat flap is essential, and this requires engaging a professional glazing service. The cat flap installer of your choice in the UK will assess the dimensions of the current glass panel and arrange for the production of a replacement. This bespoke pane will incorporate a pre-fabricated hole to accommodate the cat flap, ensuring a seamless fit within its structure. The fabrication process for this customised glass unit may span one to two weeks, representing the sole method for embedding a cat flap within an existing patio or double-glazed door effectively. Upon the arrival of this custom pane, the installer will proceed to remove the old glass and install the new "cat flap ready" panel in its stead. Following this, the cat flap is installed, marking the completion of the process and offering a sophisticated solution to pet access.

External Wooden Doors - Wooden door panels are, as I stated previously, the simplest options for installing a new cat flap in the UK. It is generally safer to call on a professional handyman or cat flap fitter, if you're unsure of cutting a big hole in your door. This should provide you with the reassurance that you'll finish up with an expertly installed cat flap, and that the project has been carried out correctly.

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uPVC Door Panels - It is quite feasible to install a cat flap into most uPVC doors. Nonetheless, certain uPVC doors are steel lined for additional security, which may cause some problems. A one piece door panel enables easier installation, so if you've got a slatted uPVC door, it might be more economical to swap the panel for a single panel style.

Wall Installation - If, for security or aesthetic reasons, you do not want to have a chunk cut out of your door, you could always decide to install a cat flap into an outside wall of your house. This sort of installation is undoubtedly best left to the pros, because it calls for a lot more skill and equipment to execute. You could go with a straight-through tunnel design, or perhaps a right angle version which allows access via a pillar. A square hole will have to be cut through your wall, into which is inserted a plastic or metal, square open ended tube. A cat flap of your choice can then be attached at both ends to permit your furry pal to come in and out as it pleases.

Replacing Your Existing Cat Flap in the UK - If you already have a cat flat, but it's either damaged or not working correctly, the existing hole in your window, wall or door can be used for a replacement providing the new cat flap is of a comparable size. An expert UK cat flap fitter will be glad to take off your old unit and replace it with a brand new cat flap without inflicting any damage on the wall, door or window on which it's secured.

If the new cat flap is going to be fitted in a pre cut hole in a double glazed pane, you must check that the existing glass has been manufactured, cut and installed correctly. If the previous installation was a bodge job, the glass must be taken out and exchanged to avoid any safety and security problems with the new cat flap.


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There are many different professional cat flap installers, handyman contractors and even local glazing merchants in the UK area, who offer cat flap installations in whatever door or construction you require. There's no better technique for locating a reliable cat flap installer than asking friends and family for referrals. If they have had similar work completed by a local UK tradesman, and been very satisfied with the outcome, you can consider that they'll do a good quality job for you too.

Where acquaintance recommendations are not feasible, get two or three estimates from local UK handymen. Study these closely and don't always choose the cheapest offer, as this will often not be the best. Check whether they supply any guarantees for the quality of their workmanship, so you have some recourse for compensation if something unfortunately goes wrong as the work is undertaken.

An experienced cat flap installation contractor in the UK will supply you with a top quality product, adeptly fitted, and which will last you, and your pussy-cat, for many years.

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UK Cat Flap Installation Tasks

UK Cat Flap Installation Tasks

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