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Cat Flap Fitter Hingham Norfolk (NR9): A simple way to enhance your cat's independence and improve it's quality of life is to install a cat flap on an outside door or wall of your home in Hingham. In a similar vein to people, when kept indoors, cats will likely start to show signs of anxiety and frustration. Having easy access to world outside via a cat flap will help your furry friend to keep fit, both mentally and physically. So, you are sold on the idea, but precisely what is best kind of cat flap for your pet?

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The most basic sort of cat flap, is just that. A hole is cut into a door and a flexible material is hung over it to give some protection from the weather. Whilst this might be appropriate for an outhouse or shed door, most Hingham cat owners would no doubt favour something a tad more weatherproof and secure for an exterior door to their home.

Cat Flap Fitter Hingham Norfolk (NR9)

This standard model can be marginally improved on with magnetic strips to keep the flap in place, but it's still a long way from being ideal because it enables other cats or creatures to enter your property.

A step up from the magnetic strip pattern are RF chip or infra-red, magnetically operated cat flaps. In this case, either a magnet, RF or IR chip will be fitted into your cat's collar. No animal is going to be able to access or leave your house unless it is fitted with one of these special collars. The drawback is that any other cat in the area who's got a similar model of collar might be able to gain access to your property when using this type of cat flap. RF cat flaps and collar systems are the preferred version of these products as they can be programmed by the owner of the cat to recognise a unique identifier, distinct to your cat. Only your furry companion gets access, thus adding an extra layer of control and security.

Installing a cat flap that can identify your cat's own microchip, is the next level in entry gadgets for felines. The microchip details are programmed into the memory of the battery powered cat flap (multiple entries are possible if you have more than one cat). The flap is unlocked whenever your cat is in close proximity, only allowing access to pets that are microchipped.

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The ability to lock it in place is essential regardless which cat flap you're buying. The majority of cat flaps sold currently have a four way locking mechanism. This means that the cat flap can allow only exit from your home, be fully locked, enable admittance into your house only, or be set for two way exit and entry. This gives you solutions for all times of day and night, to have control over how your cat flap works. Based on your cat's and your requirements, there is even the option to perform particular functions in accordance with the time of day, with several of the more expensive devices.

Fitting a cat flap by yourself can be fairly simple if you've got a solid wood door, and decent DIY abilities. However, if it is going to be installed into a double glazed window panel or in a reinforced uPVC door, you should on no account even attempt it by yourself. These kinds of fixtures require a professional installation from a trustworthy cat flap fitter or handyman with the necessary equipment and skills.


Double Glazing Installations - If you bring in a so-called "tradesman" who, while endeavouring to fit your cat flap, attempts to drill a hole in a double glazed door or window panel, send them packing immediately. It isn't possible to mount a new cat flap into a double glazed door panel or window pane. Any sort of double glazing will be ruined by drilling a hole in it, and will take away its security, strength and insulating properties. Actually, it renders your glazing unsafe and it shouldn't ever be attempted.

A trustworthy Hingham cat flap fitter will carefully take the measurements of your existing pane and order a ready prepared one from a local glazing firm. As part of its construction this new double glazing unit will have a pre-cut hole, which your cat flap can be installed neatly into. This could take two weeks or so to manufacture, but it's really the only way to fit a cat flap into an existing double glazed or patio door. As soon as your new pane of glass is delivered, the installer will remove the old one, and swap it for the brand new "cat flap ready" one. It's now possible to install the cat flap.

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Exterior Wooden Doors - The simplest alternative for cat flap installations in Hingham, as was previously mentioned, are solid wood doors. If you're hesitant about making a hole in your front door, it's wise to contact an expert to do the work for you. This should provide you with the reassurance that you will end up with a professionally installed cat friendly flap, and that the job has been carried out correctly.

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uPVC Door Panels - uPVC doors can be sometimes be suitable for a cat flap. Having said that, some uPVC doors are lined with steel for further security, which may cause some problems. The designs of door with a one-piece panel are the simplest for installing cat flaps, so if yours has got a slatted style door panel, it might be advisable to swap this for a single panel.

Wall Installation - If, for either safety or aesthetic reasons, you don't want to have a hole cut into your door, you could decide to install a cat flap in an external wall of your home. A wall cat flap entrance requires a bit more equipment and skill to install, therefore it's certainly better left to a professional. You will find there are several possibilities for this type of installation, including a straight-through tunnel design, or a right angled (through pillar) model. A neat square shaped hole will need to be cut through your chosen wall, into which is inserted a metal or plastic, open ended square tube. Both ends of the hole are then fitted with a cat flap so that your furry friend can enter and exit your home whenever it wishes.

Replacing an Existing Cat Flap in Hingham - If you've already got a cat flap installed on your window, door or wall, but it is broken or not functioning correctly, the current hole can, with a little luck, be re-used for the installation of a new one. An expert Hingham cat flap installer will be glad to take off your old device and swap it for a fresh cat flap without causing any damage whatsoever to the wall, door or window on which it is mounted.

When the cat flap installation involves a pre-cut hole in double glazing, it will be necessary to confirm that this was previously done accurately, before fitting the new flap. If it becomes obvious this isn't the case, and the previous owners have cut corners to install their cat flap, the glass unit must be taken out and replaced with a new one to avoid any security and safety issues.


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There are a number of different professional cat flap fitters, handyman contractors and even glazing suppliers in the Hingham area, that offer cat flap fitting in whatever door or structure you need. It might be possible to ask friends and family for recommendations with regards to obtaining a decent cat flap installer. You can guarantee that if they have been prepared to recommend someone who's completed work for them, you'll have a similar experience.

If you cannot find an installation specialist through recommendations, always try to obtain at least 3 different estimates before making your final choice, please remember that the cheapest may not always be the best. Ask if they provide any guarantees for the quality of their workmanship, so that you've got some recourse if something does happen to go amiss when the work is carried out.

If you pick a professional cat flap installer in Hingham you should end up with a quality product, that is skillfully fitted, and that will give reliable service for years to come.


Cat flaps yield a plethora of advantages for both the cats and the people who own them:

  1. Better Control: Programmable advanced cat flaps, which can be aligned with your cat's microchip or a distinct collar tag, guarantee that only your cat utilises the flap, giving you total command over their entrances and exits.
  2. Convenience for Owners: Owners no longer have to interrupt their daily routines to let their cats in or out. This convenience is especially valuable for those with busy lifestyles or irregular schedules.
  3. Enhanced Security: Numerous cat flaps come fitted with locking systems, enabling entry to be restricted to certain cats and preventing the intrusion of unwelcome guests. This attribute strengthens home safety by barring the entry of stray animals and possible hazards.
  4. Independence for Cats: Cat flaps facilitate outdoor exploration, exercise, and curiosity satisfaction for cats, renowned for their independence, thus enhancing their health and happiness.
  5. Reduced Litter Box Odours: By allowing your cat to go outside to relieve themselves, you may see a decrease in litter box usage, potentially leading to fewer cleanings and a reduction in unpleasant litter box smells in your property.
  6. Reduced Door Scratching: Worried about your door becoming a scratching post? Frustration from waiting can lead to destructive scratching near entry points. Cat flaps offer an alternative access solution, potentially putting a stop to this undesirable behaviour.
  7. Reduced Stress: The use of cat flaps means you don't have to keep an eye out and open the door for your cat constantly, thus lowering stress for both yourself and your pet, as it allows for unassisted entry and exit.
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Cat flaps can be fitted in Hingham and also in: Little Ellingham, Scoulton, Shipdham, Cranworth, Southburgh, Woodrising, Danemoor Green, Manson Green, Deopham, Reymerston, Rockland St Peter, Hardingham, Hackford, Great Ellingham, and in these postcodes NR9 4NH, NR9 4LD, NR9 4HQ, NR9 4LN, NR9 4JN, NR9 4NA, NR9 4HY, NR18 9HG, NR9 4LT, and NR9 4PL. Local Hingham cat flap fitters will likely have the postcode NR9 and the phone code 01953. Checking this should ensure that you're accessing a local cat flat fitter. Residents in the surrounding areas are able to benefit from these and countless other comparable services. By clicking on the "Quote" banner you can get cat flap installation price quotes from nearby providers.

Automatic Cat Flaps Hingham

For those folks living in Hingham, automatic cat flaps provide an inspired solution to the problem of giving pets the freedom they seek while still maintaining some control over their movements. Advanced technological features like RFID chips and sensors enable these flaps to detect the presence of a cat, granting access only to authorized pets, and preventing unauthorized entry. Cat owners can use certain types of automatic cat flaps to program unlock and lock times, enhancing control over their pets' movements and increasing security. One of the principal advantages of automatic cat flaps is that they enable cats to move in and out of the property independently, removing the need for owner involvement. Also, automatic cat flaps can serve as a barrier against invasive animals or creatures, cultivating a more secure and peaceful environment for both people and pets to enjoy.

Cat Flap Positioning Advice

When it comes to fitting a cat flap, the position of the flap is crucial for both the safety of your home and the convenience of your cat. Expert advice on the position of your cat flap, considering factors like the size and breed of your cat, possible security risks and the layout of your home, can be provided by a professional cat flap fitter.

Their assistance can aid you in finding the optimal position for the flap, making certain that your cat can access it easily and intruders cannot. You may be advised by them to avoid fitting the flap near a hedge or fence, which could be used as a point of entry to your garden, or to position it higher to stop small animals from entering your house.

With the right advice, you can ensure that your cat flap is in the best position to keep your home safe and your cat happy.

Are Cat Flaps Good for Cats?

Cat flaps can be beneficial for cats as they provide them with increased freedom and independence. Stimulating feline companions' natural exploration and curiosity instincts, these small doors enable them to access the outdoors or other designated areas at their own discretion.

By enabling cats to engage in regular exercise and mental stimulation, cat flaps contribute to their overall well-being. The convenience of cat flaps in Hingham lies in their ability to eliminate the need for cat owners to constantly open doors for their pets. To ensure the cat's safety from potential outdoor dangers and prevent undesirable animals from entering the property, certain considerations should be made.

Additionally, cats with behavioural issues or medical conditions might not be well-suited for cat flaps. Properly evaluating individual circumstances and providing supervision are crucial in determining the suitability of a cat flap for a specific cat.

Cat Flap Weatherproofing Hingham

Both outdoor and indoor cats in Hingham can enjoy comfort and well-being if their cat flaps are weatherproofed. A crucial barrier against the elements, a well-weatherproofed cat flap shields cats from rain, wind and draughts, and extreme temperatures. This protective measure doesn't just enhance their overall quality of life but also contributes to their safety.

Involving the selection of design features and materials capable of withstanding different weather conditions, weatherproofing a cat flap is a meticulous process. Top-quality seals around the edges of the cat flap are vital to prevent rainwater from seeping indoors, which will ensure a dry environment. The health and overall contentment of cats can be affected by cold draughts, which can significantly discomfort them. Insulating materials are an essential element of effective weatherproofing, as they help to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature, protect cats from cold draughts, and ensure they remain warm.

For cat owners who allow their furry friends to venture outdoors, weatherproofing a cat flap becomes even more important. A cat's health can be damaged by exposure to rain, strong winds or cold temperatures. A properly weatherproofed cat flap becomes a vital lifeline, offering cats a comfortable and safe entrance to the property.

A further level of protection can be provided by installing a weatherproof tunnel extension alongside the cat flap. The installation of this extension, which serves as an intermediary zone, minimises the direct impact of severe weather conditions on the entryway. It creates a safety zone that, over time, gradually brings the cat from the outdoor environment to the indoor haven. This tunnel extension also aids in keeping debris and rainwater away from the cat flap's immediate vicinity, further enhancing its lifespan.

To sustain the cat flap's weatherproofing effectiveness, routine maintenance is equally crucial. Ensuring the seals stay intact by checking for wear and tear is imperative. Deterioration of seals, caused by weather exposure and use over the years, may lead to potential leaks. Dealing with any issues swiftly allows cat owners to guarantee the dependability and functionality of weatherproofing measures.

In conclusion, cat owners in Hingham should view weatherproofing a cat flap as a critical necessity. It plays a direct role in determining the cat's comfort, safety and well-being in both inside and outside environments. A well-weatherproofed cat flap, by shielding cats from rain, cold draughts and extreme temperatures, aids in maintaining their all-round health. The cat flap's ability to maintain a cosy and weather-protected space is ensured by incorporating insulating materials and high-quality seals. Adding a weatherproof tunnel extension further improves protection against the worst of the elements. To ensure cats can safely and comfortably move between indoors and outdoors without health issues, regularly maintaining cat flap weatherproofing is a reliable and durable approach. (84696 - Cat Flap Weatherproofing Hingham)

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Also find: Shipdham cat flap fitters, Southburgh cat flap fitters, Hardingham cat flap fitters, Cranworth cat flap fitters, Great Ellingham cat flap fitters, Scoulton cat flap fitters, Danemoor Green cat flap fitters, Deopham cat flap fitters, Rockland St Peter cat flap fitters, Woodrising cat flap fitters, Little Ellingham cat flap fitters, Reymerston cat flap fitters, Hackford cat flap fitters, Manson Green cat flap fitters and more. It is possible to get cat flaps installed in almost all of these places. Making sure that your cat flap is securely and correctly installed on your home is where their expertise and skill truly shines. When it is installed by a professional, you can be confident that your cat flap not only meets your canine companion's needs but also aligns with your home's aesthetic and safety requirements. Local householders can get cat flap installation estimates by simply clicking here.

Hingham Cat Flap Installation Tasks

Hingham Cat Flap Installation Tasks

There is a variety of work that can be accomplished by your local Hingham cat flap fitter including microchip cat flap installation Hingham, replacement cat flaps, cat flap cleaning & maintenance, the fitting of microchip cat flaps into conservatories in Hingham, the installation of microchip cat flaps into wooden doors, small cat flaps, cat flap draughtproofing, electronic cat flap installations, cheap cat flaps, cat flaps in double glazed doors, the fitting of 2-way cat flaps into single glazing Hingham, magnetic cat flap installation Hingham, cat flap installation quotes Hingham, large cat flaps, cat flap replacement, cat flap removal Hingham, cat flap installation in walls Hingham, cat flap accessories, the installation of infrared cat flaps into double gazing Hingham, Petsafe cat flap installation Hingham, cat flap installation in doors, 2-way cat flaps Hingham, cat flap security, Catmate cat flap installation in Hingham, the fitting of microchip cat flaps into uPVC doors, infrared cat flaps Hingham, and more. If there are some other Hingham cat flap requirements that you need but cannot see here, you can easily list them on the QUOTE FORM provided. Listed are just a selection of the duties that are conducted by those installing cat flaps. Hingham companies will tell you about their full range of services.

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