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Cat Flap Fitter Twickenham Greater London (TW1): Fitting a cat flap to an outside door or wall in your house in Twickenham, will allow it to live a happy life and enjoy it's own bit of independence. Cats are similar to people in many ways, and will likely show signs of frustration and irritability if kept inside for significant periods of time. When permitted instant access to the outside world with a cat flap, your cat has a much better chance of staying fit and healthy. Naturally, that's not the end of the story, since there are numerous forms of cat flaps, and deciding which one is best for you and your pet might not be so easy.

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The most rudimentry sort of cat flap is essentially that. A hole in a door with a flexible bit of material hung over it, to give protection from the weather, but allow the cat pass through. Obviously, this is really basic, and will not be good enough for most cat owners in Twickenham, who would doubtless prefer something a bit more weatherproof and secure for a main door to their home, although it could be suitable for a fence panel or outhouse door.

Cat Flap Fitter Twickenham Greater London (TW1)

This basic model can be improved on to some degree with magnetic strips to hold the flap in position, but it is still far from perfect as it allows other animals or cats to get into your property.

Magnetically operated, RF chip or infra-red models of cat flap, are the next step up from the basic magnetic strip version. This requires your cat to have a collar that has either an RF chip, IR or magnet encased inside it. What this means is that any animal that does not have one of these special collars cannot access or leave your house. The point that any other moggy in the neighbourhood that has a similar collar could perchance gain access to your house, is the downside with this sort of cat flap. Even these cat flaps can be improved to a certain degree with an RF cat flap and collar system having a user programmed unique identifier. Only your furry friend gains access, thus adding an additional layer of security and control.

Having a cat flap which can be operated by your cat's micro-chip, is the next step-up in entrance gadgets for felines. You need to enter the details of your cat's microchip into the cat flap's memory (which is battery powered), and if you have more than one cat it will allow multiple entries. Entry and exit are only possible for micro-chipped pets, and the flap will be unfastened whenever you cat is in close proximity.

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No matter which cat flap you buy, it should have the ability to be locked in place. Most cat flaps sold nowadays have a four way locking mechanism. This means that it's got the capability to permit only access into your premises, be locked fully, permit only exit from your home, or be put in two-way entry and exit mode. This gives total control over the functioning of your cat flap both during the day and throughout the night time. In keeping with yours and your pet's needs, there is even the possibility to perform specific functions in accordance with the time of day, with several of the more expensive models.

Putting in a cat flap on your own can be fairly straightforward if you have a solid timber door on your Twickenham home, and respectable do-it-yourself capabilities. Under no circumstances should you try and install a cat flap in a double glazed window panel or in a reinforced PVC door. These kinds of fittings require a professional installation from a dependable cat flap installer or carpenter with the appropriate equipment and skills.


Double Glazing Installations - If you call in a so-called "tradesman" who, while trying to fit your new cat flap, attempts to drill a hole in a double glazing window or door panel, send them on their way immediately. A new cat flap can't be mounted into a pre-existing double glazed window pane or door panel. Any kind of double glazing will be ruined by cutting or drilling into it, and will take away its security, strength and thermal attributes. Your double glazing will be made unsound, and it should never be done under any circumstances whatsoever.

A reliable Twickenham cat flap fitter will meticulously take the measurements of your existing pane and order a tailor-made one from a local glazing company. This new panel will be delivered with a pre-cut hole as an integral part of its construction where the cat flap will be fitted. This might take two weeks or so to manufacture, however it's basically the only way to install a cat flap into an existing patio or double glazed door. After fabrication, the old glass panel will be removed, and the brand new one put in its place. It will now be possible to install the new cat flap.

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External Wooden Doors - As previously mentioned, solid wood doors are the least complicated alternative with regards to installing a new cat flap on your home in Twickenham. If you're unsure of cutting a hole in your front door, it's wise to call on a specialist to do the work for you. An undertaking like this will not be expensive and will give you peace of mind that your kitty has a professionally installed flap.

Cat Flap Installation Twickenham Greater London

uPVC Door Panels - uPVC doors can be used for installing a cat flap. Nevertheless, certain uPVC doors have a steel lining for added security, which can cause some issues. The models of door with a one piece panel are the simplest for cat flap installation, so if yours has a slatted type panel, it might be easier to replace this with a single pane.

Wall Installation - It's also a possibility to have a cat flap mounted in an external wall of your house in Twickenham, if you don't wish to cut holes in your doors, either for security or aesthetic reasons. Needing a lot more skill and equipment, a wall cat flap installation is definitely best left to a professional, if it is to be accomplished correctly. There are a couple of choices for this type of installation, including a straight-through tunnel version, or a right angular (through pillar) pattern. Installation calls for a neat square shaped hole being made through the wall of your choice, into which a metal or plastic, open ended square tube is inserted. A suitable cat flap can then be mounted on both ends of the hole.

Replacing an Existing Cat Flap in Twickenham - If you've already got a cat flat, but it is either broken or not functioning properly, the current hole in your door, window or wall can be used for a replacement so long as the new flap is of an equivalent size. A specialist Twickenham cat flap fitter will be happy to take off your old unit and replace it with a fresh cat flap without causing any harm to the window, wall or door on which it's mounted.

Before fitting a new flap in a double glazed panel that has been previously pre-cut, checking that the existing glass has been manufactured and installed correctly is essential. If you discover that this isn't the case, and the previous owners have cut corners to install their cat flap, the glass unit will need to be taken out and replaced to avoid any security and safety issues.


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In and around Twickenham there are a number of different professional cat flap fitters, handyman contractors and even double glazing suppliers who provide cat flap installation services in windows, doors or walls. There are several ways of locating a decent cat flap installer, and few compare with the option of asking for recommendations from neighbours and friends. If they've had comparable work accomplished by a local Twickenham tradesman, and been very happy with the outcome, you can reasonably expect that they'll likewise do a good job for you.

If it is not feasible to get recommendations from your contacts, you should make an effort to get two or three different price quotes from local cat flap fitters before coming to a decision. It is generally shrewd not to automatically opt for the cheapest option. Enquire about any guarantees they may give for their standard of workmanship and make certain you have it in writing, in case something should go awry.

If you pick a professional cat flap installer in Twickenham you should wind up with a top quality product, which is skillfully fitted, and that will give good service for years and years.


A variety of benefits are afforded to cats and their owners through a cat flap:

  1. Enhanced Security: Locking mechanisms in many cat flaps enable property owners to control entry, permitting only particular cats while excluding unwanted visitors. This characteristic strengthens the security of the home by prohibiting the entry of strays and potential dangers.
  2. Independence for Cats: Known for their independent nature, cats benefit from cat flaps as they allow exploration of the outdoors, exercise, and the satisfaction of curiosity at their own leisure, leading to a happier, healthier life.
  3. Reduced Stress: Cat flaps alleviate the burden of constantly having to monitor and open the door for your cat, reducing stress for both you and your furry friend, who can now independently enter and exit without waiting for your help.
  4. Better Control: With some advanced cat flaps, programming is possible, allowing synchronization with your cat's microchip or a specific collar tag. This ensures exclusive use by your cat, providing total control over their entrances and exits.
  5. Convenience for Owners: Owners no longer have to interrupt their daily routines to let their cats in or out. This convenience is especially valuable for those with busy lifestyles or irregular schedules.
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Automatic Cat Flaps Twickenham

With automatic cat flaps, pet owners in Twickenham can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that their furry friends can come and go as they please without the security of their home being compromised. High-tech features like RFID chips and sensors enable these flaps to recognise the presence of a cat, allowing access only to authorised pets, and preventing unauthorized entry. By using programmable lock and unlock settings, some automatic cat flaps offer pet owners the ability to maintain greater control over the comings and goings of their cat, whilst also boosting the security aspect. Automatic cat flaps provide the capability of enabling cats to go in and out of the home without needing manual assistance, even when their owners are out. Additionally, automatic cat flaps can also help to prevent undesirable animals or creatures from entering the house, creating a safer and more comfortable environment for both owners and pets.

Cat Flap Positioning Advice

When it comes to installing a cat flap, the position of the flap is crucial for both the convenience of your cat and the safety of your home. A professional cat flap fitter can give expert guidance on where to position your cat flap, taking into account several elements, such as you home's layout, the size and breed of your cat and possible security risks.

By providing their support, they can help you choose the perfect position for the flap, making it easily accessible for your cat but not for intruders. Positioning the flap near a hedge or fence where intruders could enter your garden might be discouraged, or a higher location may be proposed to keep small animals from entering your property, as advised by them.

In addition, they can advise on which sort of cat flap, for example a microchip-enabled or electronic cat flap, would best meet your needs, in addition to their other services. Moreover, they can consider your cat's behaviour and individual requirements, such as their degree of adventurousness or shyness, and suggest a position that would be appropriate for them. With expert advice, you can position your cat flap in the ideal location to keep your home safe and your cat happy.

Cat Flap Weatherproofing

The installation of a cat flap offers pets autonomy in their movements but concurrently challenges homeowners to sustain energy efficiency and effective weatherproofing. To safeguard the comfort of both pets and their owners, the UK's changeable climate requires a protective measure against the moisture and cold. For the purpose of weatherproofing, cat flaps with insulating materials and magnetic seals, preventing the infiltration of moisture and draughts, are fundamental.

In weatherproofing a cat flap, the importance of installation is as significant as the selection of the right product. To combat severe weather effectively, it's crucial to seal the cat flap properly using insulating materials and waterproof sealants. Additionally, to further limit the penetration of rain and cold air, some cat flaps come with brush seals, ensuring the indoor climate remains comfortable without hindering the pet's entry or exit.

For cat owners in Twickenham aiming to merge energy efficiency with convenience, opting for a high-quality, weatherproof cat flap represents a prudent choice. By choosing a model designed to withstand the UK’s weather and ensuring it is correctly installed, householders can enjoy the benefits of a pet-friendly home that remains dry, warm, and energy-efficient. This approach not only improves the quality of life for the pet but also contributes to reducing energy costs over time. (25068 - Cat Flap Weatherproofing Twickenham)

Twickenham Cat Flap Installation Tasks

Twickenham Cat Flap Installation Tasks

There are a whole host of tasks that can be accomplished by your local Twickenham cat flap installer including cat flap upgrades, cat flap security, cat flap weatherproofing, the installation of microchip cat flaps into French doors, cat flap training advice, cat flap installation in wooden doors, cat flap repair in Twickenham, cat flap replacement, the fitting of magnetic cat flaps into metal skinned doors Twickenham, microchip cat flap installation, small cat flaps, large cat flaps, cheap cat flaps, cat flap installation in patio doors, cat flap cleaning & maintenance, cat flap installation in uPVC doors, replacement cat flaps in Twickenham, cat flap accessories, Petsafe cat flap installation, pet flap installation, cat flap installation in metal doors, cat flap installation in glass doors Twickenham, 2-way cat flap installation, cat flap installation in walls, conservatory cat flap installations, cat flap installation services, and more. If there happen to be additional Twickenham cat flap requirements that you want but cannot see here, you can mention them on the QUOTE FORM provided. Listed are just some of the activities that are handled by those specialising in cat flaps. Twickenham specialists will keep you informed about their entire range of services.

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