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Cat Flap Fitter Barrowford Lancashire (BB9): To provide your cat with the freedom and independence it needs to live a happy life, you could install a cat flap to an external wall or door in your Barrowford house. Much like humans, when kept inside, cats will typically start to show signs of frustration and unease. When your precious cat is granted easy access to the outside world by way of a cat flap, there's a better chance of it staying both mentally and physically fit and healthy. If this seems like a good idea to you, exactly what sort of cat flap should you fit?

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Essentially, a cat flap at its most basic is simply that. A piece of flexible material placed over a hole in a doorway to allow a cat to go through, but keep the elements out. Of course, this is extremely basic, and won't be adequate for most cat owners in Barrowford, who would prefer something a bit more secure and weatherproof for an exterior door to their property, although it could be appropriate for a shed door or garden fence panel.

Cat Flap Fitter Barrowford Lancashire (BB9)

As this solution will allow other cats or animals to enter your property, it isn't at all ideal, although it can be enhanced a bit by keeping the flap in position by adding magnetic strips.

Magnetically operated, RF chip or infra-red designs of cat flap, are the next step up from the basic magnetic strip version. With this form of cat flap, your cat will need to wear a collar featuring an RF chip, IR or magnet. Unless an animal is equipped with one of these special collars, it will be unable to open the flap and get into or leave your property, hence preventing some undesirable visitors. The downside here is that any other cat in the neighbourhood that has a similar collar can still access your property when using this kind of cat flap. Even these cat flaps can be improved to a certain extent with an RF cat flap/collar system offering a user programmed unique identifier. Access is limited to your purrfect companion alone, delivering an additional layer of security and control.

The next step-up in feline entrance security is to install a cat flap that recognises your cat's microchip. You need to enter the unique number of your cat's micro-chip into the cat flap's memory (which is powered by batteries), and if you have more than one cat it will accept multiple entries. The flap will be unfastened anytime your cat is in close proximity, only permitting exit or entry to pets that have a microchip.

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The ability to lock it in position is important no matter which cat flap you're buying. These days, the majority of cat flaps on the market feature a 4-way locking mechanism for added flexibility. This makes it possible for your cat flap to permit exit only, permit entrance into your property only, be locked fully, or have two-way exit and entry capability. This offers total control over how your cat flap functions both throughout the day and during the night time. The facility to carry out different functions according to the time of day, and in line with your pet's and your needs is also an option with some of the high end brands of cat flap.

If you are pretty good at do-it-yourself, installing your own cat flap shouldn't be all that difficult, if you have a solid timber door on your Barrowford home. However, if it has to be installed into a reinforced uPVC door or in a double glazed window, you should under no circumstances even attempt to tackle it on your own. These kinds of fittings require a professional installation from a reputable cat flap installer or carpenter with the appropriate skills and equipment.


Double Glazing Installations - If you hire somebody who endeavours to drill a hole in a double glazed panel to put in your new cat flap, stop them at once and request that they leave. New cat flaps can't be mounted into pre-existing double glazing doors or window panels. Drilling holes in any kind of double glazing will destroy its strength and security, along with its insulating properties. It should in no circumstances be attempted and will make your double glazing unsafe.

An experienced cat flap installer will measure the existing double glazing unit and have a local glazing firm make a new pane. This new pane will be delivered with a hole cut out as part of its structure where your cat flap will be installed. This might take one or two weeks to manufacture, however it's really the only way to fit a cat flap into an existing double glazed or patio door. As soon as your new glass panel is delivered, the installer will remove the old unit, and replace it with the new "cat flap ready" pane. It's now possible to install the new cat flap.

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Exterior Wooden Doors - Wooden door panels are, as stated previously, the simplest alternatives for installing a new cat flap in Barrowford. If you are unsure about cutting a hole in your back or front door, it's a good move to bring in a professional to do the job for you. This should provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that you'll wind up with an expertly installed cat flap, and that the project has been undertaken in the right and proper way.

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uPVC Door Panels - Cat flaps can normally be fitted into uPVC doors. Nevertheless, some uPVC door panels have got a steel lining for extra security, which might cause issues. The designs of door with a one piece panel are the easiest for cat flap installation, so if yours has got a slatted style panel, it might be easier to swap this for a single pane.

Wall Installation - If, for aesthetic or security reasons, you don't want to have a chunk cut out of your door, you could always opt to install a cat flap in an outside wall of your home in Barrowford. Needing considerably more equipment and skill, a wall cat flap install is definitely best left to the pros, if it's to be executed correctly. You'll find there are a couple of possibilities for this type of installation, including a straightforward version, or a right angle (through pillar) pattern. Installation entails a neat square hole being cut through your wall, into which a plastic or metal, open ended square insert is fitted. An appropriate cat flap can then be attached to both ends of the hole.

Replacing an Existing Cat Flap in Barrowford - If your wall, door or window is already fitted with a cat flap, but it's stopped working effectively, or is damaged, it is entirely possible to fit a replacement into the existing cavity. You local cat flap installer will take off the old cat flap, without harming the surrounding window, wall or door, and fit a brand new flap in its place for your cat.

If the new cat flap is to be installed in a pre-cut hole in double glazing, you must check that the glass has been made and installed in the right way. If you discover this isn't the case, and the previous owners have cut corners to install their cat flap, the glass unit will have to be removed and replaced to avoid any security and safety problems.


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In the Barrowford area there are a number of handyman contractors, professional cat flap fitters and even local glazing firms who offer cat flap installation services for walls, windows or doors. There is no better method of tracking down a first-rate cat flap installer than asking family and friends for referrals. If they are willing to recommend a tradesman who they've used, you can guarantee that you will be pleased as well.

Where personal recommendations are not feasible, seek three or four quotes from local Barrowford cat flap installers. Study these price quotes closely and never always choose the cheapest quotation, as this won't necessarily be the best. Try to get written guarantees for the quality of their workmanship, so if things do happen to go amiss you've got some recourse.

If you choose a seasoned cat flap installer in Barrowford you should end up with a good quality product, that is skillfully fitted, and that will give reliable service for many years to come.


Cat flaps offer numerous advantages for both cats and their owners:

  1. Convenience for Owners: Owners no longer have to interrupt their daily routines to let their cats in or out. This convenience is especially valuable for those with busy lifestyles or irregular schedules.
  2. Independence for Cats: Cats are known for their independent nature, and cat flaps enable them to explore the outdoors, exercise, and satisfy their curiosity whenever they please. This increased freedom can lead to healthier and happier cats.
  3. Better Control: For enhanced control, some advanced cat flaps can be programmed and synchronised with your cat's microchip or a special collar tag, ensuring that only your cat has the ability to use the flap, thereby regulating their comings and goings.
  4. Enhanced Security: Locking mechanisms in many cat flaps enable homeowners to control entry, permitting only particular cats while excluding unwanted visitors. This characteristic strengthens the security of the home by prohibiting the entry of strays and potential dangers.
  5. Reduced Stress: Cat flaps eliminate the need for constant monitoring and door opening for your cat, reducing stress for both you and your pet. Cats can go in and out without waiting for your assistance.
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Are Cat Flaps Good for Cats?

Providing cats with greater freedom and independence, cat flaps prove to be advantageous. Stimulating their natural instincts of exploration and curiosity, these small doors grant your furry friends the freedom to access the outdoors or other designated areas as they please.

Cat flaps contribute to the overall well-being of cats by enabling them to engage in regular exercise and mental stimulation. Offering cat owners in Barrowford a convenient solution, cat flaps remove the need for constantly opening window or doors for their pets. Consideration should be given to certain factors, such as ensuring the cat's safety from potential outdoor threats and preventing the entry of unwelcome animals into the property.

Additionally, cat flaps may be unsuitable for some cats, particularly those with medical conditions or behavioural issues. To determine if a cat flap is suitable for a specific cat, it is crucial to evaluate and supervise individual circumstances properly.

Cat Flap Weatherproofing Barrowford

To ensure the well-being and comfort of both outdoor and indoor cats in Barrowford, it is essential to weatherproof their cat flaps. Wind, draughts, rain, and extreme temperatures are shielded from cats by a well-weatherproofed cat flap, which serves as an effective barrier against the elements. This protective strategy has the dual benefit of enhancing their overall quality of life and contributing to their safety.

Weatherproofing a cat flap involves selecting the correct materials and design features that can withstand varying weather conditions. Rainwater should not seep indoors to ensure a pleasant and dry environment, and this can be accomplished with high-quality seals around the cat flap edges. Cats' overall contentment and health can be affected by the significant discomfort caused by cold draughts. To successfully weatherproof your cat flap, you need to use insulating materials that will help to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, protect cats from chilling draughts, and ensure they remain warm.

Cat owners who allow their furry friends to go out into the big wide world should prioritize weatherproofing a cat flap. Exposure to cold temperatures, strong winds or rain can harm the health of a cat. Offering cats a comfortable and safe entrance to the property, an effectively weatherproofed cat flap becomes an essential lifeline for them.

Adding a tunnel extension next to the cat flap can provide a further level of protection. If you want to minimise the direct impact of harsh weather conditions on the entryway, you can install this extension, which serves as an intermediary zone. It helps to create a safety zone that gradually brings the cat from the outside environment to the indoor haven. In addition, this tunnel aids in protecting the cat flap from rainwater and debris by keeping them away from its immediate vicinity, which increases its longevity.

To guarantee the cat flap's weatherproofing effectiveness, frequent maintenance is just as important. Preserving the integrity of seals necessitates regular inspections for wear and deterioration to maintain their effectiveness. Leaks may arise as seals deteriorate over the years, affected by weather exposure and usage. Weatherproofing measures' reliability and functionality can be ensured by Barrowford cat owners when they swiftly deal with any issues.

All in all, the weatherproofing of a cat flap is a vital consideration for any cat owner. This has a direct impact on the cat's comfort, well-being and safety, whether outside or inside. A correctly weatherproofed cat flap safeguards cats from cold draughts, rain and extreme temperatures, contributing to their all-round health. Insulating materials and high-quality seals ensure that the cat flap effectively maintains a cosy and weather-protected space. By adding a tunnel extension, improved protection against the elements is achieved. Regular maintenance of cat flap weatherproofing ensures a reliable and durable solution to protect cats' comfort, allowing them to move freely between indoor and outdoor environments without compromising their health. (66884 - Cat Flap Weatherproofing Barrowford)

Barrowford Cat Flap Installation Tasks

Barrowford Cat Flap Installation Tasks

There are a whole host of tasks that can be carried out by your local Barrowford cat flap fitter including cat flap repair in Barrowford, pet flap installation, the fitting of microchip cat flaps into porches, cat flap installation in double glazed doors, the installation of infrared cat flaps into conservatories Barrowford, microchip cat flap installation, cat flap installation in doors, small cat flaps in Barrowford, dog flap installation Barrowford, cat flap installation in walls Barrowford, large cat flaps in Barrowford, the fitting of infrared cat flaps into wooden doors Barrowford, cat flap positioning advice, cutting out for a cat flap, magnetic cat flap installation Barrowford, cat flap installation prices, cat flaps in patio doors, cat flap installation in wooden doors Barrowford, microchip cat flaps Barrowford, cat flap draughtproofing, the fitting of electronic cat flaps into single glazing, electronic cat flap installations in Barrowford, the fitting of electronic cat flaps into French doors, infrared cat flap installation, automatic cat flap installations, and more. If there are some other Barrowford cat flap requirements that you need but cannot see here, you should mention them on the QUOTE FORM provided. Listed are just a selection of the activities that are carried out by people specialising in cat flaps. Barrowford professionals will keep you informed about their full range of cat flap installation services.

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Also find: Lowerford cat flap fitters, Salterforth cat flap fitters, Rimington cat flap fitters, Gisburn cat flap fitters, Fence cat flap fitters, Kelbrook cat flap fitters, Blacko cat flap fitters, Foulridge cat flap fitters, Barley cat flap fitters, Chatburn cat flap fitters and more. There are professionals who fit cat flaps in all of these locations. Their know-how and expertise is of great worth in guaranteeing the secure and proper installation of your cat flap on your property. By going with professional installation, you can rest assured that your cat flap will meet your furry friend's requirements and also match your home's safety and aesthetic criteria. If you're a local cat owner looking to obtain competitive and accurate cat flap installation quotes tailored to your particular needs, you simply have to click here. Today is the perfect time to kick off your cat flap installation.

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