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Cat Flap Fitter Ludlow Shropshire (SY8): An ideal way to give your cat more independence and boost it's overally quality of life is to install a cat flap on an outside wall or door of your property in Ludlow. When constantly kept inside, cats as with humans, will get irritated and grumpy. Having access to the outside world with a cat flap will help your cat to remain fit, both mentally and physically. If this seems like a good option for you, precisely what kind of cat flap should you fit?

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A cat flap at its most fundamental is merely that. A hole is cut into a door and a bendable material is fixed over it to give a bit of some protection from the elements. Of course, this is really basic, and will not be adequate for most cat owners in Ludlow, who would doubtless favour something a bit more weatherproof and secure for an external door to their home, although it might be suitable for a shed or outhouse door.

Cat Flap Fitter Ludlow Shropshire (SY8)

This simple model can be improved on slightly with magnetic strips to hold the flap in place, however it's still a long way off being perfect since it enables other cats or creatures to enter your property.

Magnetically operated, RF chip or infra-red styles of cat flap, are a significant step up from the magnetic strip variation. With these, either a magnet, IR or RF chip will be encased in your cat's collar. Unless an animal is fitted with one of these special collars, it won't be able to trigger the flap and access or leave your property, hence preventing some undesirable visitors. The downside is that any other moggy in the neighbourhood that has a similar model of collar might be able to access your home when using this type of cat flap. Even these cat flaps can be improved to some extent with an RF cat flap/collar system offering a user programmed unique identifier. Gaining access is restricted to only your furry friend, resulting in an extra layer of security and control.

Choosing a cat flap that can be operated by your pet's own microchip, is the next step-up in entry security for felines in Ludlow. The number of your cat's micro-chip is programmed into the memory of the battery powered cat flap (multiple entries can be made if you have several cats). Exit and entry can only be achieved by microchipped pets, and the flap will be unfastened when you cat is nearby.

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Regardless of what cat flap you purchase, it should be capable of being locked in position. Most cat flaps sold currently feature a four way locking mechanism. This makes it possible for your cat flap to be locked fully, enable admittance into your premises only, enable exit from your premises only, or have two-way exit and entrance capability. This offers total control over the operation of your cat flap both throughout the day and during the night. A few of the higher end models can be set to perform specific functions according to the time of day, based on your pet's and your requirements.

Fitting a cat flap by yourself can be quite easy if you have a solid timber door on your Ludlow property, and reasonable do-it-yourself skills. Not in any circumstances should you attempt to install a cat flap in a double glazed window panel or in a reinforced PVC door. These kinds of fixtures call for a professional installation from a trustworthy cat flap installer or odd job man with the necessary equipment and skills.


Double Glazing Installations - If you employ somebody who tries to drill a hole in your double glazing to install your cat flap, stop them immediately and request that they leave. A new cat flap can't be fitted into an existing double glazing window pane or door panel. Any kind of double glazing will be ruined by cutting or drilling into it, and will damage its strength, security and thermal insulation attributes. In reality, it makes your glazing unsound and it should not ever be attempted.

It is necessary to obtain a new double glazed unit made specially for this purpose by a glazing company, and your chosen Ludlow cat flap fitter will measure your existing pane and order a brand new one. As a part of its construction this new pane will have a hole pre-cut, which the cat flap can be fitted snugly into. You might have a 1 or 2 week waiting period for this special pane to be produced, but if it's necessary to have a cat flap installed in a pre-existing double glazed or patio door, this is basically the only way to do it. Once you've acquired your new modified glass panel, the old one can be removed and the new one installed. The cat flap will then be put in.

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Exterior Wooden Doors - As stated earlier, wood doors are the least complicated alternative with regards to cat flap installation on your house in Ludlow. It's usually safer to hire the services of a professional cat flap fitter or carpenter, if you're dubious about making a big hole in your front or back door. This sort of project won't be all that expensive and is worthwhile doing correctly, if having your cat flap professionally installed gives you that additional reassurance.

Cat Flap Installation Ludlow Shropshire

uPVC Door Panels - It is perfectly possible to fit a cat flap into a uPVC door. Having said that, certain uPVC doors are steel lined for extra security, which could cause problems. A one piece door panel enables easier installation, so if you have a uPVC door that is slatted, it might be more cost effective to swap the panel for a single panel type.

Wall Installation - If you do not really wish to have a hole cut into your doors, whether for safety or aesthetic reasons, you can always have a cat flap installed on an exterior wall. This kind of installment is definitely best left to the pros, since it requires considerably more skill and equipment to execute. Nearly all wall cat flap installations are a basic straight tunnel style, however right angular access via a pillar can also be achieved. A square hole will have to be made through your selected wall, into which is inserted a plastic or metal, square open ended tube. Both ends of the hole are then installed with a cat flap so your furry pal can get out of and into the house whenever it desires.

Replacing an Existing Cat Flap in Ludlow - If you already have a cat flat, but it's either broken or not operating correctly, the current hole in your wall, window or door can be fitted with a replacement providing the new cat flap is of an equivalent size. A trusted cat flap fitter in Ludlow will efficiently remove your unwanted cat flap, and fit a new one as a replacement without harming the surrounding door, window or wall.

If the new cat flap is to be fitted in a pre cut hole in a double glazed pane, you must make certain that the glass has been manufactured and installed accurately. If it is found that this is not the case, and a botch was made of the original installation, the panel will need to be taken out and replaced with a new one to avoid any security and safety issues.


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Whether you need your cat flap installed on a window, wall or door, you'll find that there are many different professional cat flap fitters, handymen and even double glazing firms in the Ludlow area who will be willing to help. It may be possible to ask family and friends for recommendations in relation to locating a first-rate cat flap installer. You can be fairly certain that if they have been confident enough to recommend somebody who's carried out work for them, you'll get a similar level of service.

If it isn't possible to get personal recommendations from acquaintances, you should attempt to get at least 3 different quotations from local tradesmen before coming to a final decision. It is generally sensible not to always go with the cheapest option. Ask about any guarantees or warranties they might offer for their workmanship and ensure it's backed up in writing, just in case something happens to go amiss.

If you opt for a specialist cat flap installer in Ludlow you should finish up with a good quality product, which is skillfully fitted, and will give good service for many years to come.


Both felines and their owners enjoy numerous advantages from cat flaps:

  1. Independence for Cats: Providing outdoor access for exploration and exercise, and catering to their curiosity, cat flaps align with the independent disposition of cats, enhancing their happiness and promoting better health.
  2. Convenience for Owners: Owners no longer have to interrupt their daily routines to let their cats in or out. This convenience is especially valuable for those with busy lifestyles or irregular schedules.
  3. Reduced Stress: Cat flaps eliminate the need for constant monitoring and door opening for your cat, reducing stress for both you and your pet. Cats can go in and out without waiting for your assistance.
  4. Better Control: Advanced cat flaps, some of which are programmable, can be coordinated with your cat's microchip or a bespoke collar tag, ensuring that the flap is solely used by your cat and allowing complete management of their entry and departure.
  5. Enhanced Security: The inclusion of locking mechanisms in numerous cat flaps allows for the selective admission of specific cats, while deterring unwelcome intruders. This capacity heightens home security by disallowing entry to stray animals and potential threats.
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Cat flaps can be installed in Ludlow and also in: Wheat Common, Seifton, Caynham, Bromfield, Ludford, Knowbury, Bitterley, Cleehill, Priors Halton, Stokesay, Ledwyche, Onibury, Rock Green, as well as in these postcodes , SY8 1JL, SY8 1PL, SY8 1EN, SY8 1BB, SY8 1HL, SY8 1FF, SY8 1AB, SY8 1QB, and SY8 1HF. Local Ludlow cat flap installers will likely have the postcode SY8 and the telephone code 01584. Verifying this should ensure that you access a locally based cat flat fitter. Local property owners will be able to utilise these and numerous other comparable services. To obtain quotes for cat flap installation, you just need to click on the "Quote" banner.

Automatic Cat Flaps

Automatic cat flaps are an inventive solution for cat owners in Ludlow who want to give their furry friends the ability to enter and exit as they please. By using sophisticated technology, including RFID chips and sensors, these flaps are capable of recognising the presence of a cat and unlocking the door for them, guaranteeing that only authorized pets can gain entry to the home. Automatic cat flaps with customisable lock and unlock times empower pet owners to enhance their home's security while monitoring their pets' access. Automatic cat flaps provide the convenience of enabling cats to enter and exit the house without requiring manual involvement, even when their owners are away. Furthermore, automatic cat flaps can also act as a safeguard against unwelcome creatures or animals, creating a more comfortable and safer household for both humans and pets.... READ MORE.

Cat Flap Positioning Advice

Proper cat flap positioning is crucial for ensuring the safety of your home and the convenience of your cat when you install one. By considering different factors such as potential security risks, the breed and size of your cat and you home's layout, a professional cat flap fitter can offer expert guidance on the ideal position for your cat flap.

Their assistance can aid you in finding the optimal place for the flap, making certain that your cat can access it easily and intruders cannot. Advice from them might include discouraging the installation of the flap near a hedge or fence, which could lead to unwanted access to your garden, or recommending a higher position to prevent small animals from entering your home.

By seeking expert advice on cat flap positioning, you can avoid common mistakes and make certain that your cat flap is installed in the most beneficial and appropriate location.

Are Cat Flaps Good for Cats?

Cats can experience enhanced independence and freedom through the use of cat flaps. These small doors stimulate the natural instincts of exploration and curiosity in feline companions, granting them the freedom to access the outdoors or other designated areas as they choose.

Promoting overall well-being, cat flaps enable cats to engage in regular exercise and mental stimulation. Eliminating the need to constantly open window or doors for their pets, cat flaps offer a convenient solution for cat owners in Ludlow. Taking into account certain considerations, it is important to prioritize the cat's safety from potential outdoor dangers and prevent undesirable animals from entering the home.

Furthermore, cat flaps may not be appropriate for all cats, especially those with medical problems or behavioural issues. The determination of a cat flap's suitability for a particular cat relies on the crucial supervision and evaluation of individual circumstances.

Cat Flap Weatherproofing

Weatherproofing cat flaps is essential for the comfort and well-being of both outdoor and indoor cats in Ludlow. Rain, chilly draughts, wind, and extreme temperatures are shielded from cats by a well-weatherproofed cat flap, which serves as an effective barrier against the elements. This protective strategy has both an impact on their safety and their overall quality of life.

Weatherproofing a cat flap involves selecting the correct materials and design features that can withstand varying weather conditions. Rainwater will not seep indoors and the environment will stay dry and pleasant if there are high-quality seals around the edges of the cat flap. The overall contentment and health of cats can be affected by cold draughts, which can significantly discomfort them. Chilling draughts can be prevented and felines can be ensured to remain warm and cosy by using insulating materials as part of successful weatherproofing.

Weatherproofing a cat flap is even more crucial for cat owners whose furry friends venture outdoors. Exposure to strong winds, cold temperatures or rain can compromise a cat's health. A properly weatherproofed cat flap becomes a vital lifeline, offering cats a comfortable and safe entrance to the home, which is essential for their well-being.

Adding a tunnel extension next to the cat flap can provide an extra level of protection. To minimise the direct impact of adverse weather conditions on the entryway, this extension serves as a buffer zone. Creating a safety zone, it effectively brings the cat from the outdoor environment to the indoor haven gradually. This tunnel also aids in keeping rainwater and debris away from the cat flap's immediate vicinity, further enhancing its longevity.

Equally essential is frequent maintenance to uphold the cat flap's weatherproofing. To guarantee the continued functionality and integrity of seals, routine inspections for wear and deterioration are essential. Weather exposure and usage over time can lead to seal deterioration, potentially causing leaks. Addressing any problems swiftly allows pet owners to guarantee the reliability and functionality of weatherproofing measures.

To conclude, for cat owners in Ludlow, making sure that their cat flap is entirely weatherproofed is of paramount importance. In both outside and inside environments, it crucially impacts the cat's safety, well-being and comfort. A properly weatherproofed cat flap safeguards cats from rain, cold draughts and extreme temperatures, contributing to their overall health. The cat flap keeps the space comfortable and protected from the weather, thanks to the inclusion of insulating materials and premium-quality seals. Increased protection against the elements comes with the addition of a tunnel extension. Regular upkeep of a cat flap can guarantee a dependable and lasting method to maintain cats' comfort, ensuring their safe movement between indoor and outdoor settings without harming their health. (66884 - Cat Flap Weatherproofing Ludlow)

Ludlow Cat Flap Installation Tasks

Ludlow Cat Flap Installation Tasks

There are a number of different tasks that can be carried out by your local Ludlow cat flap fitter including cat flap weatherproofing, replacement cat flaps in Ludlow, Catmate cat flap installation, large cat flaps, cat flap repairs, magnetic cat flap installation, cat flap removal, the fitting of infrared cat flaps into composite doors, cheap cat flaps in Ludlow, conservatory cat flap installations Ludlow, cat flaps in uPVC doors in Ludlow, the installation of infrared cat flaps into double gazing, cutting out for a cat flap, the installation of infrared cat flaps into French doors in Ludlow, cat flap upgrades, the installation of cat flaps into single glazing, cat flap installation in wooden doors, infrared cat flap installation, Petsafe cat flap installations, the installation of magnetic cat flaps into porches in Ludlow, the fitting of 2-way cat flaps into patio doors in Ludlow, Staywell cat flap installation, electronic cat flaps Ludlow, cat flap replacement, microchip cat flap installation in Ludlow, and lots more. If there happen to be other Ludlow cat flap requirements that you want but don't see here, you should list them on the QUOTE FORM provided. These are just an example of the activities that are accomplished by people specialising in cat flaps. Ludlow specialists will be delighted to keep you abreast of their entire range of services.


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Also find: Cleehill cat flap fitters, Bromfield cat flap fitters, Bitterley cat flap fitters, Knowbury cat flap fitters, Caynham cat flap fitters, Priors Halton cat flap fitters, Ledwyche cat flap fitters, Wheat Common cat flap fitters, Onibury cat flap fitters, Stokesay cat flap fitters, Ludford cat flap fitters, Seifton cat flap fitters, Rock Green cat flap fitters and more. All these towns and localities are covered by companies who fit cat flaps. Their knowledge and expertise is of great worth in guaranteeing the secure and correct installation of your cat flap on your property. Professional installation of your cat flap guarantees it will address your pet's needs and seamlessly harmonise with your home's safety and aesthetic protocols. By simply clicking here, cat flap installation quotes are available to local cat lovers. Would your property benefit from the installation of a cat flap? Get a quote today!

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