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Cat Flap Fitter Stakeford Northumberland (NE62): To give your cat the independence and freedom that it needs to live a life of contentment, you could install a cat flap to an exterior wall or door in your Stakeford home. Cats are inclined to get crabby and irritated when kept indoors, and not allowed to roam. Having easy access to world outside via a cat flap will help your pet to keep fit, both physically and mentally. But what kind of cat flap is the best solution for your circumstances?

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The most fundamental type of cat flap, is merely that. A hole in a door with a bendable sheet of material hung over it, to give protection from the weather, but permit the cat pass through it. While this might be acceptable in a shed or outhouse door, the vast majority of cat owners in Stakeford would favour something a tad more secure and weatherproof for an exterior door to their property.

Cat Flap Fitter Stakeford Northumberland (NE62)

Because this option can allow other cats or animals to enter your property, it is not at all ideal, although it can be enhanced a little by keeping the flap in place with the addition of magnetic strips.

Magnetically controlled, RF chip or infra-red styles of cat flap, are a step up from the basic magnetic strip variation. This requires your cat to have a collar that's got either a magnet, RF or IR chip encased inside it. Unless an animal is equipped with this special collar, it won't be able to trigger the flap and leave or access your home, therefore keeping out some unwelcome visitors. The downside is that any other moggy in the area who's got a similar collar can still gain access to your property when using this type of cat flap. An improvement to this equipment is a RF cat flap/collar system which contains a unique identifier that can be programmed by the home owner. With this, an added layer of control and security is established to make sure that only your purrfect companion gets access.

The next step-up in feline entrance security is to install a model of cat flap which recognises your cat's micro-chip. You have to enter the details of your cat's microchip into the cat flap's memory (which is battery powered), and if you have several cats it will allow multiple entries. Exit and entry are only possible for microchipped pets, and the flap will be unlocked whenever you cat is in close proximity.

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Whenever you are buying a cat flap, you must ensure that it is of a type that can be locked. For extra security, nearly all cat flaps feature a four way locking mechanism nowadays. This allows your cat flap to be fully locked, permit admission into your premises only, enable exit from your home only, or have 2-way exit and entry capability. This provides complete control over the operation of your cat flap both during the day and throughout the night. The wherewithal to carry out different functions in accordance with the time of day, and in line with yours and your cat's needs is also an option with some of the high end models of cat flap.

If you are fairly good at do-it-yourself, fitting your own cat flap shouldn't be too difficult, as long as you have a solid wood door on your Stakeford home. However, if it is going to be installed in a double glazed window or in a reinforced PVC door, you should not even attempt to tackle it by yourself. This sort of installation requires the attention of an expert, and there are specialist cat flap fitters and skilled odd job men who are ready to accept such work.


Double Glazing Installations - If you bring in a "tradesman" who, while endeavouring to fit your new cat flap, starts to drill a hole in a double glazed window or door panel, send them on their way immediately. It isn't possible to mount a new cat flap into a double glazing window pane or door panel. Making a hole in your double glazing damages not simply the strength and security of the glazing, but it compromises the insulating attributes as well. Actually, it renders your glazing unsound and it should not ever be done.

A professional cat flap installer will take the measurements of the existing double glazed pane and have a glazing company knock up a new purpose made one. As an integral part of its structure this new pane will have a hole pre-cut, which your cat flap can be fitted snugly into. You may have a one or two week waiting period for this to be manufactured, however if you want a cat flap fitted into a pre-existing double glazed or patio door, this is really the only way to do it. As soon as your new pane of glass is delivered, the fitter will take out the old one, and exchange it for the brand new "cat flap ready" panel. Your cat flap will then be mounted.

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External Wooden Doors - The easiest alternative for new cat flap installations in Stakeford, as was stated earlier in this article, are solid wood door panels. If you are a little uncertain about creating an opening in your back or front door, you might be happier contacting a professional carpenter or cat flap fitter instead. This sort of project will not be too costly and is worth doing properly, if having your cat flap installed by a professional gives you that additional reassurance.

Cat Flap Installation Stakeford Northumberland

uPVC Door Panels - uPVC doors can be often be fitted with a cat flap. Having said that, some uPVC doors have a steel lining for added security, which might cause issues. The simplest kind of installation is in doors with one single panel, therefore if you have a uPVC door with slatted vertical panels, it might be cheaper and easier in the long run to replace the slatted panel with a one piece panel.

Wall Installation - If you don't wish to have a hole cut into your doors, either for security or aesthetic reasons, you can have a cat flap installed on an outside wall. Requiring far more equipment and skill, a wall cat flap installation is undoubtedly better left to a professional, if it is to be accomplished successfully. You could go with a straight-through tunnel design, or even a right angle model that permits entry through a pillar. A square shaped hole will be cut through your chosen wall, into which is inserted a metal or plastic, square open ended tube. Both ends of the hole are then installed with an appropriate cat flap so your feline friend can enter and exit the house whenever it wants.

Replacing Your Existing Cat Flap in Stakeford - If you've already got a cat flat, but it is either broken or not working properly, the current hole in your door, window or wall can still be used provided that the new cat flap is of a similar size. You local cat flap fitter will be able to take off the unwanted cat flap, without harming the surrounding door, window or wall, and install a new flap in its place for your cat.

When the installation involves insertion into a pre-cut hole in a double glazed pane, it will be important to make sure that this was previously done in the right way, before fixing the new flap. If you discover this isn't the case, and corners were cut in the original installation, the glass pane must be removed and replaced to avoid any safety and security issues.


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There are plenty of handyman contractors, professional cat flap installers and even double glazing suppliers in the Stakeford area, that provide cat flap installation thru whatever door or structure you need. It may be possible to ask family and friends for recommendations when it comes to locating a good cat flap fitter. You can guarantee that if they have been confident enough to recommend someone who has carried out work for them, then you'll get a similar service.

If it's not possible to get recommendations from your contacts, you should try to get two or three different price quotes from local tradesmen before coming to a decision. It's generally sensible not to automatically go with the cheapest offer. See if you can get written warranties for the quality of their workmanship, so that if things do go awry you have some recourse.

If you take your time and pick a trustworthy Stakeford cat flap specialist you will be repaid with a good quality product, that is installed professionally, and will give excellent service to you and your furry friend for years and years. And after all is said and done - quality is key.


Cat flaps offer numerous benefits for both cats and their owners:

  1. Convenience for Owners: The necessity for owners to pause their daily routines to allow their cats entry or exit is eliminated. This proves especially advantageous for those with busy lives or irregular timetables.
  2. Independence for Cats: Known for their independent nature, cats benefit from cat flaps as they allow exploration of the outdoors, exercise, and the satisfaction of curiosity at their own leisure, leading to a happier, healthier life.
  3. Reduced Stress: The use of cat flaps means you don't have to keep an eye out and open the door for your cat constantly, thus lowering stress for both yourself and your pet, as it allows for unassisted entry and exit.
  4. Better Control: You can synchronise some high-tech cat flaps with your cat's microchip or a special collar tag, making them programmable to ensure only your cat has access, thus offering complete oversight of their comings and goings.
  5. Enhanced Security: Equipped with locking mechanisms, many cat flaps can be adjusted to permit only particular cats entry, while keeping out undesired visitors. This functionality boosts home security by obstructing the ingress of strays and potential threats.
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Automatic Cat Flaps Stakeford

Automatic cat flaps offer cat owners in Stakeford a convenient way to give their furry felines unencumbered exit and entry. These flaps use advanced technology such as RFID chips and sensors to detect the presence of the cat and open the door for them, making sure that only authorized pets can enter the property. Some of these automatic cat flaps can even be programmed to lock and unlock at specific times of the day, providing added security and control for cat owners. With automatic cat flaps, cats can enter and exit as they wish, without requiring assistance from their owners, making it simpler for pets to enjoy the outdoors. Additionally, automatic cat flaps can serve as a barrier against invasive creatures or animals, cultivating a more secure and peaceful environment for both pets and people to enjoy.

Cat Flap Positioning

When it comes to installing a cat flap, the position of the flap is crucial for both the safety of your home and the convenience of your cat. By considering different factors such as the breed and size of your cat, potential security risks and you home's layout, a specialist cat flap fitter can offer expert guidance on the ideal position for your cat flap.

By providing their support, they can help you choose the perfect location for the flap, making it easily accessible for your cat but not for intruders. Installing the flap near a fence or hedge where intruders could enter your garden might be discouraged, or a higher location may be proposed to keep small animals from getting into your home, as advised by them.

In addition, a specialist cat flap fitter in Stakeford can also advise on the sort of cat flap that would best suit your needs, such as a microchip-enabled or electronic cat flap. They can also consider your cat's individual needs and preferences, such as their degree of shyness or adventurousness, and recommend a position that would be most suitable for them. The right guidance can help you to position your cat flap correctly, ensuring your home's safety and your cat's happiness.

Cat Flap Weatherproofing Stakeford

Weatherproofing cat flaps is essential for the comfort and well-being of both outdoor and indoor cats in Stakeford. A crucial barrier against the elements, a well-weatherproofed cat flap shields cats from draughts, rain and wind, and extreme temperatures. This protective measure has the dual benefit of improving their overall quality of life and contributing to their safety.

To weatherproof a cat flap effectively, it is essential to choose design features and materials that can endure changing climatic conditions. To ensure a pleasant and dry environment, rainwater must not seep indoors, which requires high-quality seals around the cat flap edges. Cats' overall contentment and health can be affected by the significant discomfort caused by cold draughts. Insulating materials are an essential element of successful weatherproofing, because they help to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, protect cats from chilling draughts, and ensure they remain warm.

Weatherproofing is essential for cat owners, especially those who allow their feline companions to venture outdoors. A cat's health can be compromised by exposure to rain, cold temperatures or strong winds. An effectively weatherproofed cat flap becomes a vital lifeline for them, offering a safe and comfortable entrance to the home.

To provide a further level of protection, a tunnel extension can be installed alongside the cat flap. The installation of this extension, which serves as a buffer zone, minimises the direct impact of harsh weather conditions on the entrance. Facilitating a transition space, it gradually brings the cat from the outside environment to the indoor haven. This tunnel also aids in keeping debris and rainwater away from the cat flap's immediate vicinity, further enhancing its lifespan.

The cat flap's weatherproofing effectiveness relies equally on routine maintenance. To ensure they remain intact, checking the seals for wear and deterioration is crucial. Due to weather exposure and usage over time, seals can deteriorate, potentially causing leaks and other issues. Pet owners can make sure weatherproofing measures remain reliable and functional by addressing any issues swiftly.

To summarise, anybody who owns a cat must consider weatherproofing a cat flap as a crucial aspect. Its direct effect on the cat's comfort, safety and well-being is evident both indoors and outdoors. Safeguarding cats from rain, cold draughts and extreme temperatures, a well-weatherproofed cat flap contributes to their overall health. The cat flap's ability to maintain a cosy and weather-protected space is ensured by incorporating insulating materials and high-quality seals. Enhanced protection against the elements comes with the addition of a weatherproof tunnel extension. A reliable and durable solution for ensuring the comfort of cats, regular maintenance of cat flap weatherproofing allows them to seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor environments without health concerns. (25068 - Cat Flap Weatherproofing Stakeford)

Stakeford Cat Flap Installation Tasks

Stakeford Cat Flap Installation Tasks

There is a wide range of work that can be completed by your local Stakeford cat flap installer including Petsafe cat flap installation, cat flap positioning advice, cat flap installation in double glazed doors, cat flap security, the installation of cat flaps into composite doors, 2-way cat flap installation Stakeford, the installation of electronic cat flaps into uPVC doors, cutting out for a cat flap, the installation of cat flaps into porches, cat flap draughtproofing, the installation of microchip cat flaps into wooden doors, cat flap replacement in Stakeford, cat flap installation in walls, cat flaps Stakeford, cat flap installation quotations, Staywell cat flap installations, conservatory cat flap installations, cat flap maintenance & cleaning, automatic cat flap installation, cat flap accessories, the fitting of magnetic cat flaps into conservatories in Stakeford, electronic cat flap installations, 4-way cat flap installation, cat flap installation services, the fitting of infrared cat flaps into patio doors in Stakeford, Sureflap cat flap installation, and more. If there happen to be some other Stakeford cat flap requirements that you want but cannot see here, you should list them on the QUOTE FORM provided. Listed are just a small portion of the duties that are accomplished by those installing cat flaps. Stakeford contractors will inform you of their full range of cat flap installation services.

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