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Cat Flap Fitter Armagh Northern Ireland (BT60): Putting in a cat flap doesn't only save you the bother of having to open the door every time your cat decides to go out or in, it also affords your cat more independence and boosts it's overall quality of life. Just like people, when kept inside for long periods of time, cats will frequently show signs of irritability and frustration. When granted quick access to the great outdoors with a cat flap, your precious cat has a far better chance of staying healthy and well. If this seems like a good idea to you, what type of cat flap should you install?

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A cat flap at its most basic is just that. A hole is cut in an outside door and a flexible material is hung over it to offer a bit of protection from the elements. Most Armagh cat owners would no doubt favour something a bit more weatherproof and secure for a main door to their property, although this could be acceptable for an outhouse or shed door.

Cat Flap Fitter Armagh Northern Ireland (BT60)

As this solution will allow other creatures or cats to enter your property, it is not at all ideal, though it can be improved on to some extent by keeping the flap in position by adding a magnetic strip.

Magnetically operated, RF chip or infra-red designs of cat flap, are a step up from the basic magnetic strip variation. With these, either a magnet, IR or RF chip will be enclosed in your cat's collar. Unless an animal is fitted with this special collar, it will be unable to open the flap and access or leave your home, hence avoiding some unwelcome visitors. The fact that any other cat in the area who has a similar model of collar can gain access to your property, is the drawback with this type of cat flap. An improvement to this device is an RF cat flap/collar system which provides a unique identifier which can be programmed by the cat owner.

A model of cat flap which is can be triggered by your pet's micro-chip, is the next step-up in Armagh feline access security. The number of your cat's microchip is programmed into the cat flap's memory (multiple entries can be made if you have several cats). Exit and entry can only be achieved by microchipped pets, and the flap will be unlocked whenever you cat is nearby.

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No matter which cat flap you purchase, it must be capable of being locked in position. The majority of cat flaps sold these days boast a four way locking mechanism. This allows your cat flap to be locked fully, permit only exit from your home, enable entrance into your premises only, or have 2-way exit and entrance capability. This provides you with a range of choices on exactly how your cat flap operates at all times of the day and night. Based on yours and your pet's requirements, there's even the possibility to carry out specific functions in accordance with the time of day, with some of the high end devices.

If you've got a wood door on your property in Armagh, fitting you own cat flap shouldn't be that hard. But, if you are planning to install it into a reinforced PVC door or in a double glazed window panel, you ought to seek outside assistance. These types of fittings call for a professional installation by a trustworthy cat flap fitter or odd job man with the appropriate equipment and skills.


Double Glazing Installations - If your cat flap has to be mounted on a double glazing panel, and your chosen "tradesman" attempts to drill a hole in it, stop the work immediately and give them the boot. New cat flaps can't be fitted into pre-existing double glazing window or door panels. Making a hole in the double glazing destroys not simply the security and strength of the glazing, but it removes the thermal insulation attributes as well. It should under no circumstances be attempted and renders the double glazing unsound.

An experienced cat flap installer will take the measurements of your current double glazing pane and have a glazing company knock up a new one. This new pane will arrive with a pre-cut hole as part of its structure where the cat flap can be installed. This can take a week or two to manufacture, however it's basically the only way to fit a cat flap into an existing double glazed or patio door. After construction, the old glass panel can be taken out, and the new modified one put in its place. Your cat flap will then be installed.

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Exterior Wooden Doors - Timber door panels are, as we already stated, the easiest options for installing a new cat flap in Armagh. If you're hesitant about creating a hole in your front or back door, it's a good move to call in a professional to do the job for you. This kind of project should not be expensive and will provide you with the assurance of knowing that your pet can enjoy an expertly fitted flap.

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uPVC Door Panels - uPVC doors can be installed with a cat flap. Nonetheless, some uPVC doors are lined with steel for added security, which might cause issues. The easiest kind of installation is in doors having one single panel, therefore if you have a uPVC door with vertical slatted panels, it might be cheaper and easier in the long run to exchange the slats for a one piece panel.

Wall Installation - If you don't really want to have a hole cut in your doors, either for security or aesthetic reasons, you can always have a cat flap installed within an outside wall. Calling for much more skill and equipment, a wall cat flap installation is certainly best left to a professional, if it's to be accomplished successfully. Almost all wall cat flap installations are a basic straight tunnel style, however right angled access through a pillar is also possible. A neat square shaped hole will have to be cut through your chosen wall, into which is inserted a plastic or metal, open ended square tube. A cat flap can then be fitted to each side of the hole.

Replacing an Existing Cat Flap in Armagh - If your window, door or wall already has a cat flap installed, but it isn't working properly, or is damaged, it is entirely possible to mount a replacement over the existing hole. An expert Armagh cat flap fitter will gladly take off your old entry unit and swap it for a fresh cat flap without causing any damage to the wall, door or window on which it's secured.

When your installation involves a pre-cut hole in a double glazing panel, it will be necessary to check that this was previously done accurately, before fitting the new cat flap. If the previous installation was a bodge up, the panel must be taken out and exchanged to avoid any safety and security issues with the new cat flap.


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There are many handyman contractors, specialist cat flap fitters and even local glazing companies in the Armagh area, that offer cat flap fitting onto whatever door or structure you need. There are several ways to find a competent cat flap fitter, and few come close to the option of asking relatives and friends. You can be sure that if they've been prepared to recommend somebody who's done work for them, you'll get a much similar level of service.

If it isn't possible to get personal recommendations from your contacts, you should try to get at least 3 different estimates from local cat flap fitters before making a decision. It's generally wise not to always go with the cheapest offer. Enquire about any guarantees or warranties they may provide for their standard of workmanship and make certain it is backed up in writing, in case something should go amiss.

If you take care and choose a reliable Armagh cat flap fitter you will be repaid with a top quality product, that's professionally installed, and will give excellent service to you and your furry friend for years and years. And at the end of the day - quality is key.

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Automatic Cat Flaps

Automatic cat flaps offer pet owners in Armagh a handy way to give their furry felines unencumbered exit and entry. Utilising the latest technology, including RFID sensors and chips, these flaps are capable of recognising the presence of a cat and unlocking the flap for them, ensuring that only authorised pets can gain entry to the home. Select automatic cat flaps come equipped with programming features that enable them to lock and unlock at set times, offering cat owners added security and control. By automating the process of exit and entry, automatic cat flaps offer the benefit of providing cats with continual access to the outdoors, enabling them to move unhampered, whether their owners are at home or not. Additionally, automatic cat flaps have the added advantage of keeping out unwanted creatures or animals, enhancing the safety and comfort of both owners and pets in the home.

Are Cat Flaps Good for Cats?

Increased independence and freedom are among the benefits that cats can enjoy from using cat flaps. These small doors allow feline companions to access the outdoors or other designated areas at their own discretion, stimulating their exploration instincts and natural curiosity.

Cat flaps contribute to the overall well-being of cats by enabling them to engage in regular exercise and mental stimulation. Eliminating the need to constantly open window or doors for their pets, cat flaps offer a convenient solution for cat owners in Armagh. Safety precautions for the cat from potential dangers outside and the prevention of unwelcome animals entering the home are among the considerations that should be made.

In addition, cat flaps may not be suitable for all cats, such as those with health problems or behavioural issues. Properly evaluating individual circumstances and providing supervision are crucial in determining the suitability of a cat flap for a particular cat.

Cat Flap Weatherproofing Armagh

Cat flaps must be weatherproofed for the comfort and well-being of both indoor and outdoor cats. Wind, cold draughts, rain, and extreme temperatures are shielded from cats by a well-weatherproofed cat flap, which serves as a crucial barrier against the elements. This protective strategy has a positive impact on both their overall quality of life and their safety.

The process of weatherproofing a cat flap entails the choice of suitable design characteristics and materials capable of enduring diverse weather conditions. Top-quality seals around the cat flap edges are essential to prevent rainwater from seeping indoors, which will ensure a dry and pleasant environment. The significant discomfort caused by cold draughts can affect the health and overall contentment of cats. To successfully weatherproof your cat flap, you need to use insulating materials that will help to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, protect cats from chilling draughts, and ensure they remain warm and cosy.

Cat owners who allow their furry friends to go outside should prioritise weatherproofing a cat flap. A cat's health can be damaged by exposure to strong winds, rain or cold temperatures. A suitably weatherproofed cat flap becomes a vital lifeline for them, offering a safe and comfortable entrance to the house.

To provide additional protection, a tunnel extension can be installed alongside the cat flap. This extension's role as a buffer zone minimises the direct impact of adverse weather on the entrance. Creating a transition space, it effectively brings the cat from the outdoor environment to the indoor haven gradually. On top of that, this extended tunnel helps to keep debris and rainwater away from the immediate vicinity of the cat flap, thereby extending its lifespan.

To preserve the cat flap's weatherproofing effectiveness, frequent maintenance is equally crucial. To prevent seals from losing their integrity and functionality, thorough inspections for wear and deterioration are mandatory. With the passage of time, seals can deteriorate due to weather exposure and usage, leading to potential leaks. By dealing with any problems promptly, cat owners can guarantee that the weatherproofing measures remain functional and reliable.

To summarise, cat owners in Armagh must prioritise the process of cat flap weatherproofing. This has a direct impact on the cat's safety, comfort and well-being, whether inside or outside. A correctly weatherproofed cat flap, by shielding cats from rain, extreme temperatures and cold draughts, aids in maintaining their all-round health. Insulating materials and premium-quality seals ensure that the cat flap effectively maintains a comfortable and weather-protected space. The inclusion of a weatherproof tunnel extension further improves the protection against the worst of the elements. Regular upkeep of a cat flap can guarantee a dependable and lasting method to maintain cats' comfort, ensuring their safe movement between outdoor and indoor settings without harming their health. (25068 - Cat Flap Weatherproofing Armagh)

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Armagh Cat Flap Installation Tasks

Armagh Cat Flap Installation Tasks

There is a range of work that can be conducted by your local Armagh cat flap fitter including cat flap installation in doors, cat flap installation in glass doors, the installation of electronic cat flaps into conservatories, cat flap accessories, cat flap maintenance & cleaning, cat flap draughtproofing, the fitting of 2-way cat flaps into composite doors, the installation of dog flaps, cat flap removal, conservatory cat flap installations in Armagh, cat flap installation in wooden doors, cat flaps in uPVC doors Armagh, the fitting of magnetic cat flaps into porches, infrared cat flap installation in Armagh, Petsafe cat flap installation Armagh, magnetic cat flap installation, cat flap installation in walls Armagh, 4-way cat flap installation in Armagh, the fitting of microchip cat flaps into double gazing Armagh, cat flap positioning advice, 2-way cat flap installation Armagh, small cat flaps Armagh, pet flap installation, cat flap installation in metal doors Armagh, Catmate cat flap installation Armagh, cat flap services, and lots more. If there happen to be other Armagh cat flap requirements that you need but can't see here, you can mention them on the QUOTE FORM provided. Listed are just an example of the tasks that are performed by those specialising in cat flaps. Armagh providers will tell you about their whole range of cat flap installation services.

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