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Cat Flap Fitter UK: To provide your cat with the freedom and independence that it needs to live a happy life, you could install a cat flap to an exterior wall or door in your UK property. Cats tend to get crabby and irritated when constantly kept inside, and not allowed to roam. Having accessibility to world outside by way of a cat flap will help your pet to stay fit, both mentally and physically. If this sounds like a good idea to you, what form of cat flap should you opt for?

The most straightforward sort of cat flap, is simply that. A sheet of flexible material hung over a hole in a door to enable a cat to pass through, but keep out the elements. Though this may be acceptable for a shed or outhouse door, the vast majority of UK cat owners would no doubt prefer something a bit more secure and weatherproof for a main door to their property.

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This uncomplicated model can be somewhat improved upon with magnetic strips to keep the flap in place, however it's still a long way from being ideal because it allows other cats or animals to get into your house.

Moving on from a magnetic strip are magnetically controlled, infra-red or RF chip designs of cat flap. This requires that your cat wears a collar that's got either an RF chip, IR or magnet encased inside it. This means that any animal that doesn't have one of these special collars can't access or leave your home. The fact that any other cat in the UK area who has a similar style of collar could possible get into your house, is the drawback with this still fairly basic type of cat flap. Even these cat flaps can be enhanced to some extent with an RF cat flap and collar system featuring a user programmed unique identifier.

The next level in feline entry security is to use a model of cat flap which recognises your pet's own microchip. You have to enter the unique number of your cat's microchip into the cat flap's memory (which is battery powered), and if you've got several cats it will accept multiple entries. When your cat is close to the flap, it unlocks and permits only your micro-chipped pets to exit/enter.

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The ability to lock it in position is vital no matter which cat flap you are buying. For extra security, nearly all cat flaps feature a 4-way locking system nowadays. This makes it possible for your cat flap to permit exit only, permit only entrance into your home, be fully locked, or have 2-way entry and exit functionality. This will give you solutions for all times of day and night, to control exactly how your cat flap operates. The wherewithal to perform particular functions in accordance with the time of day, and based on yours and your cat's needs is also a possibility with some of the top-end models of cat flap.

Installing a cat flap yourself can be pretty simple if you have a solid wood door on your UK home, and respectable DIY skills. But, if you're looking to fit it into a double glazed window panel or in a reinforced PVC door, you should seek outside help. This kind of installation requires the attention of a pro, and there are specialist cat flap fitters and talented handymen who will be delighted to accept such work.


Double Glazing Installation - If you hire somebody who attempts to drill a hole in your double glazing to install your cat flap, stop them immediately and request that they leave. It isn't possible to fit a new cat flap into a double glazed window pane or door panel. Drilling holes in any sort of double glazing will ruin its security and strength, along with its insulating properties. The double glazing will be made unsound, and it should not be attempted in any circumstances whatsoever.

A reputable UK cat flap fitter will carefully measure up your existing unit and order a custom-made one from a local glazing company. As an integral part of its structure this new double glazed unit will have a pre-cut hole, which your cat flap can be fitted neatly into. This might take a couple of weeks to produce, however it's the only way to fit a cat flap in an existing double glazed or patio door. Once you have obtained your new glass pane, the old unit can be removed and the new one fitted. It will now be possible to install and set up your cat flap.
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